Organizer: Publishing house KUD Apokalipsa and Central European Research Institute Soeren Kierkegaard Ljubljana

Coorganizers: Cankarjev dom, The Educational Research Institute

Škocjan, Slovenia - from 23rd to 26th of September

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 26th of September

Topic: How to avoid the totalitarianism of consumerism: ethics of otherness from a "historical point of departure".

Kierkegaard will be presented in the context of modernity and criticism of the ruling (non)ideology. How at the core of the ideology of choice to think about the choice of the most essential decision? And what is subjectivity, so that the choice can be reflected?

How is with a concrete practical-ethical choice of single individual primary to any theory?

It is also to deepen the concept of reduplication of last year's theme of the symposium in honor of Kierkegaard About the new oikonomy of relationships. From this context we can thematize Kierkegaard thought in view of gender studies, theory, psychoanalysis, critical theory, etc..

Subtitle: Reduplication: How to philosophize after/according to Kierkegaard?

The 4th International Symposium of Miklavž Ocepek will take place between 12th and 18th of June 2013 with accompanying events during the whole year. The working part of the symposium will comprise two parts, the symposium part, that will take place in the form of 3-day philosophical workshops, lectures, debates, roundtable, presentations of participants and their work and the social gatherings and cultural events in the village of Škocjan near Trieste (under the protection of the UNESCO convention).

The symposium will open in Ljubljana and continue in the Slovene capital with the final roundtable on the theme of the entire event: NEW OIKONOMY OF RELATIONSHIPS: NEIGHBOUR AND EXISTENTIAL TURN. How to philosophize after Kierkegaard? The last two days the symposium will take the form of a colloquy, in which many researchers, philosophers, thinkers and writers will take part. In the context of the event we will present a film about Søren Kierkegaard and a tape of a lecture of Jean-Luc Marion “The Impossibility of the Impossible: God”. Kierkegaard will be popularized by readings from his work on different places of cultural significance in Ljubljana and in cooperation with the Embassy of Denmark Kingdom we will ensure various social events. The contributions from the symposium will be published in a journal and in a book that Apokalipsa publishes after every philosophical symposium (in year 2014 at the latest). Journals and books will also be translated to some other languages of the participating regions of Europe and to English.