International Scientific Research Project (March 2014–December 2015)

Participating Institutions:

Central European Research Institute Soeren Kierkegaard Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Toronto, Trinity College, Kierkegaard Circle, Canada
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia, Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski",  Macedonia
Constanitine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia
University of Žilina, Slovakia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Croatia

Team Leader: Prof. dr. Jasna Koteska
Manager of the project: Dr. Primož Repar

1. Prof. dr. Abrahim Khan (CAN)
2. Prof. dr. Janez Vodičar (SLO)
3. Prof. dr. Andrej Ule (SLO)
4. Dr. Iztok Osojnik (SLO)
5. Dr. Miroslav Micov (SK/UA)

6. Doc. dr. Peter Kondrla (SK)
7. Prof. dr. Žarko Paić (CRO)
8. Prof. dr. Cvetka Hedžet Tóth (SLO)
9. Prof. dr. Bojan Žalec (SLO)
10. Prof. dr. Andrina Tonkli Komel (SLO)
11. Tomaž Mikelj  (SLO)
12. Doc. dr. Katarina Valčová (SK)
13. Prof. dr. Roman Králik (SK/CZ)
14. Prof. dr. Michal Valčo (SK)
15. Uroš Milić (SLO)
16. Dr. Primož Repar (SLO)
17. Prof. dr. Jasna Koteska (MAC)
18. Dr. Martina Pavliková (SK)
19. Dr. Stanislava Repar (SLO/sk)
20. Mgr. Tadej Meserko (SLO)

The focus of this scientific research project is

(1.) How to encourage the dynamic freedom of subjectivity in the set of socio-economic, cultural, moral, religious, and other relations?
(2.) How can be our age an age of personal and social action and not the age of advertisment and publicity?
(3.) The problem of financial abstraction of money for a sense of self and existence.
(4.)  To analize the relation between religious and political in an age of consumerism.
(5.) How here we can avoid the neoliberal capitalist economy?
(6.) To analize the ideology of choice and rethink the choice of the essential decision.
(7.) The existential dialectic and criticism of the ruling (non)ideology.