Dagmar Moral Values 2The work of Dagmar Marková is a unique monograph that, in terms of ethics, provides data and figures, which have not been published in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, so far. Moreover, it moves ethics in the area of sexual lifestyle to the psychological – ethical level and thus, it eliminates unnecessary ideologization and moralization on one hand, and brings clear responses to the assumptions and prejudice in sexual lifestyle on the other hand. The monograph can be therefore considered as an avant-garde work, as it is at the beginning of confrontation with anachronistic opinions on this issue, i.e. on discovering values in sexual and partner relationships. The author's main triumph in this confrontation is her professional methodological approaches present in modern science.

doc. PhDr. Miloslav Jůzl, Ph.D.

Reviewers: doc. PhDr. Miloslav Jůzl, Ph.D., doc. PhDr. PaedDr. Kamil Janiš, CSc. and doc. PhDr. Lenka Haburajová Ilavská, PhD.
Number of pages: 250
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